Point and Place

by Outliers

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released February 22, 2012



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Outliers Pomona, California

Southern California hardcore.

"Never Enough" cassette released Feb. 2011 on True Violence On Tape.

"Point and Place" coming summer 2012.

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Track Name: Visitor
killing time on the night shift
checking for vital signs
feel the air from the vents,
hear the hum flourescent lights
I heard you say you were feeling fine
but I see the look on your face, you're in another time
another place.

I try, try so hard
but I fail, fail each time.

a visitor is all I am
squeeze back when I grab your hand
crossing through county lines
save the truth...

if you can walk, then you'd better run
'cus we're all chasing a setting sun
it plagues my mind every night
and I can't be the only one
sometimes I question all of my rules
have I lived a balanced life or only stayed in line?

I try, try so hard
but I fail, fail each time
to see something other than this
to see the light you say exists.
and I've tried but I've failed

a visitor is all I am. squeeze back when I grab your hand.
crossing through county lines
save the truth another time.
Track Name: Golden West
All this talk of dying has me focused on the end.
It's hard to imagine when will things feel right again?
Maybe it's best to face the pain and whatever lies ahead.
Forget mistakes that brought you here and all the things I've said.

Bullet train back home. Faces that I've missed.
Though I love that feeling, I hate to reminisce.

Pass by the diner where we came to share our scars.
Touched your skin, felt you lips, spent the night in your car.
You said I should stay. I'm 1000 miles too far away.
I wish I could but I know what's best and I've left the golden west.

And after all this running, I didn't get too far.
Cus no matter where you sleep, they're still the same stars.
I know that I should call, but know just what you'd say.
If I could you know I would leave for home today
but coming home means giving up.

It shouldn't take a tragedy to do the things we know we should.